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We offer our service to all Claimant, clinical negligence and personal injury solicitors and we're happy to accept records via DX, courier or Royal Mail.

Collation & Chronology Service

Medical records are collated in an orderly fashion with an index.  The documents are then reviewed and a Chronology prepared (outlining the medical history and detailing the incident/s in question).  We also routinely identify any missing records or any further records/documents we believe may assist the specific investigations.

Scanning  of Records

We are aware that expert witnesses and Counsel are more often asking for scanned documents to be sent, rather than paper records.  Should this be required, the collated records can be scanned and returned as a PDF.

Witness Statements

We can provide a draft statement for the client, based on the facts gleaned from the medical records.  This will deal with the client’s medical history, together with breach of duty and/or causation.

Schedule of attendance

We provide schedules of attendances, particularly for CP or catastrophic injury claims, outlining the client’s ongoing medical attendances, so that mileage can be included in a Schedule of Loss.  This can be a very time-consuming task for the fee earner!

Inspection of 

medical records

I have been asked to attend Defendant Trusts to inspect original medical records, particularly when there have been failings in disclosure.  In view of my personal experience of working within the hospital environments and dealing with original records, this is well within my remit.



In view of my vast experience of medical records, I have been involved in a number of Child Protection matters, particularly Fabricated Induced Illness cases.  Records are collated in an orderly fashion, so that these can be easily coordinated during court proceedings or for any medical experts.  A Chronology outlining the medical history/treatment is prepared.  If indicated, I also provide a memo, highlighting any areas which may require further investigation or consideration. 

In order to be as flexible as possible and match our service to your needs, our hourly rates reflect the urgency in which you may require the work to be completed.


Initial no-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements 

Free of charge

4-week sort

We offer an hourly rate of £40 for a

4-week turnaround of documentation.  

3 week sort

For matters of some urgency, we provide a 3 week service at £45 per hour.

2 week sort

For matters required quickly, our hourly rate, for fortnightly turn-around of documents, is £50   


1 week sort

For very urgent matters, we offer an hourly rate of £55 to complete the work within a week.

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